NJ's Grocery - Departments

Our shelves are stocked with your everyday staples! We provide a wide variety of food items to fill your refrigerator and pantry - Local and Ethnic (Indian & Mexican) as well. We also provide non-food items - paper products, cleaning agents and even household tools.

We have items from these local purveyors -
Cherry Republic
Daddy Mac's
Grand Traverse Bagel & Bakery
Leelanau Coffee Roasting Co.
Leelanau Pie and Pastry
Moonworks - Laundry Soap
Olds Brothers Pure Maple Syrup
Shadowland Honey
Stonehouse Bread
Stuff's - Cooking Sauce
The Redheads
Traverse Bay Farms
Tykie's Long Life - Vegetarian Dog Food

From Filet Mignon, Rib Eye, Pork Tenderloin and fresh ground beef to Amish raised chicken we provide quality meats and poultry for your cooking and grilling needs.
Look for our prepared deli items as well - soups, salads, sandwiches and ready to bake meals such as ribs and meatloaf.

We provide a selection of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs in our produce department as well as feature local produce when in season.

We have items from these local purveyors -

Bardenhagen Farms
Covered Wagon Farm Market
Hannenberg Farms
Leelanau Hydroponics Produce
Traverse Bay Fruit Company
Versnyder Fruit

Our dairy department contains a variety organic and non-organic milk, eggs, cheeses, juices and more.
We have items from these local purveyors -
Duane Bardenhagens - Fresh Eggs
Shelters Family Dairy
The Redheads

Whether you are looking for a wine to pair with your meal, a cocktail to sip or even a cold one to enjoy, we offer a variety of wines, beers and spirits sure to satisfy everyone.

We have items from these local purveyors -
Bel Lago
Black Star Farms
Chateau Chantal
Chateau Fontaine
Chateau Grand Traverse
Forty-Five North
Good Harbor Vineyards
Good Neighbor Organic Hard Cider
Grand Traverse Distillery
Leelanau Cellars
North Peak Brewing Company

Tucked within the aisles of NJ's Grocery you will also find items for your personal care from shampoo, lotion and vitamins to bandages.

We have items from these local purveyors -
Michelle's Miracle - Tart Montmorency cherry nutraceuticals

Besides providing groceries for our customers we carry a wide variety of convenience items, magazines and newspapers, lotto and lottery, greeting cards, bagged ice and more.

TEL - 231.256.9195